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Learn with us... simply put – join us for the for the best sport in the world...
Purposely set aside for windsurfing only, our new fresh water lake is the perfect place to start your windsurfing journey.
Clean, fresh water, a safe, sheltered environment and workable in all wind directions, and most weather conditions it is the perfect place to master the basics.
Limited numbers allow for ample space to develop your skills and with a maximum 3:1 students/instructor ratio your not far from the words of wisdom.


Everything you need to get you started -
Windsurfing gear, including a board and sail suited to your size, weight and experience.
This will cover all the basics including turning around(!), sailing to and from the beach, and of course the safety aspects of our sport too.

1 x 3 hours lessons £99
2 x 3 hour lessons £198

On completion of this course you should be ideally set to carry on practice the finer points of early stage windsurfing; whether it’s on our lake, or perhaps a coastal destination.
Our aim is to leave you feeling inspire and confidant in the basics of windsurfing, and ready to get your own gear and get on the water!


Depending on your ability and what you want to learn we can offer locations tailor-made to your requirements.
For our early–intermediates we often use the lake for manoeuvre orientated classes and then we shift to the Thames estuary for an introduction to the open sea and further development of your new found skills... all with added chop!

Again we limit the numbers of students we have, allowing us to tailor the lessons taught to your skills and requirements, and with a maximum 1:1 students/instructor ratio you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your class.


 Intermediate lessons vary in length subject to our students needs but in the main we suggest a 3 hour coaching session - followed by a practice schedule that will help you focus on the areas needed, setting you up for further development. Please call for prices.

Windsurfing gear, including a board and sail suited to your size, weight and experience.
– Windsurfing kit requirements change quite rapidly as you develop, and we’re to help guide you, with both your lessons requirements and the kit you might need to get you out on the water and learning fast.

Intermediates vary greatly so we recommend dropping us a line of popping into the shop for a guide to what’s next for you - if you’ve already been with us, we’ll have your info on file and can point you in the right direction straight away ...!

Please feel free to contact us at the shop 01268 569988. Or the Beach / Lake on 07971 830087

Email Jamie on jamie@wetndryboardsports.com if you have any enquires regarding this course. 




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